This family is commonly found in our Asian neighbours and occur over a wide variation in temperature and rainfall.  Most are very happy in Sydney’s temperate climate provided they are kept fairly dry over the colder winter months.  These orchids are most attractive because of their pendulus flowering habit.  A well grown plant will have a cascade of yellow-throated white flowers pouring over the side of the pot.  Other members of the family vary in colour to cream and olive brown while one spectacular flower is green with a maroon throat.  A few plants are upright growers but generally on short stems.

As usual, they need an open bark mix and half strength fertiliser.  They need moderately bright light and good air movement with a break in watering after flowering.  These plants don’t like being disturbed so can remain in the same pot for many years.  The pseudobulbs will happily overgrow older growths and continue to flower regularly.  Although they can be grown in the back yard or under shade cloth but for a happier plant, they would prefer to be under a solid roof which protects them from cold winter rains.

The Eastern Suburbs Orchid Society has an orchid show on the third Monday of every month at 8pm, St Luke’s Church Hall, Varna Street, Clovelly.  Visitors are always welcome.